Wanna know how to properly maintain your power wheelchair battery?

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In this 5 minute video, our mobility experts teach you about proper battery maintenance and knowing when it's time to replace your battery.  Save hundreds of dollars, by properly managing your power wheelchair batteries.


Hi, this is Jeff. Again, medical equipment specialist. Today. We're going to discuss how often should we charge our wheelchair battery? A power wheelchair should be charged every night after use. And if not in use should kept plugged in and charged. If it's going to be over two weeks, you need to contact a service provider because the battery is actually should be disconnected from the unit. So they don't discharge to charge the chair. We would take our charger with the three prongs down and we slide it into the joystick and engage it. We will go to our charger and we'll look at the light. Green indicates that the battery is fully charged. If the battery is not fully charged, it'll turn Amber first, it'll blink green. Excuse me. Then it turns Amber, if you get a red light, that means the battery is dead. And if you get a blinking red light, that means the battery is dead and will no longer accept the charge. At that point, you need to call you a service provider to come out and determine how and to replace the batteries. If the chair fails, Wallen is in the field. Remember, as we discussed in previous series, we need to put our chair in neutral, by engaging and unlocking the motor on the left and right side. This will allow us to push the chair to get it back to our home. So it can be serviced. When we get back to the home, we would remember to engage the motors again. And if we're doing that and the chairs is functioning, you would always have the power off and power on so that the module can see the motors. Again. I hope this is helpful. And if you do need anything, please reach out to medical equipment specialists or any authorized service provider to discuss.

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