Have you ever wondered, what parts make up a power wheelchair?

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In this 3 minute video, our mobility experts go over the anatomy of a power wheelchair and explain common repair problems that often occur. Become familiar with the power wheelchair and communicate your needs like a pro.



Hi, I'm Jeff Courtney with medical equipment specialists here that discussed the different components that make up our power wheelchair. First of all, our power wheelchair consists of two major components. We have the base and we had the seating. The base is for the drive mode. The seating is the positioning until it reclined and you're elevating leg rests. All these functions are controlled through a joystick, which controls both the base and the drive. If there's ever any issue with either the drive component or the seating position, a joystick led will give us an error code. So it's very important that if we do see an error code, come up to make a note of what the code is, contact your authorized service provider so they can help diagnose what's going on and make the appropriate corrections. The most common things are that the chair will not go. And usually that's because it's in a lockout mode for safety. So once again, we're going to use our, our joystick to determine if that is the case. The joystick is the communication brain of the chair, which provides us with a lot of information of what's going on with either the dry mode or the CD mode. And that's the information that you to pass on to your provider to help diagnose what's going on so that we can rectify the situation of the problem. And those are the two most important parts of the chair. And just when communicating with the provider, they just determine what's going on in the joystick. So you can communicate that to the provider. And also what the issue is that you're experiencing. If there is no message on the joystick, I hope this information, all right, and here we have our charger. That's also used, it's used for charging chair. We have our green light showing that the battery is fully charged. We have our three-prong connector, which goes into the joystick when that is plugged in the joys into the joystick, the chair is locked out for safety reasons. And when you power it up, the chair will not drive. So you will not get injured or hurt yourself while that's plugged in. And you'll get a code stating that the chair won't go. So on the base, we have some components also that we need to discuss, which is the drive wheel, your rear caster wheel, and your friend caster wheel on the seating. We have our armrests. We have a armrest joystick that articulates, we have our elevating leg rests with the foot plates. So these are just some features of the power wheelchair. And when you speak to your provider, if you're having an issue, just mention what it is relating to the problem and the park. Thank you for allowing me your time today. And if you need any assistance, please feel free to call medical equipment specialist or an authorized services.

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