Has your power wheelchair ever died in the South Florida heat?

Posted by Michael Russo on

In this 3 minute video, our mobility expert shows how to troubleshoot a power wheelchair. Learn how to quickly get a power wheelchair moving again! 


I'm Jeff cording with medical equipment specialists on the ATP on staff. And today we're going to discuss a troubleshooting common electric wheelchair issues, which is the most common one is my chair. Won't turn on. So we're going to come over to our chair and we power it up and we get, we get nothing. What could it be? Well, the first thing we had to look at is is it the battery? So the chairs have a circuit breaker on it, on the back on this Promo Beale and the here. And it's a cartridge fuse like you have in your home, you hear it snapping and make sure it's on, on the quantum. It's going to be on a little button on the side that sticks out and you just want to engage in, in and let go. After we do those two things, we're going to come back to our chair and power it up. So the chair does power up. Then it was a circuit breaker issue. If that persist, you need to call a technician. If it doesn't power up, it's going to be a battery issue. So with the battery, You want to look at your charger. If you have a red blinking light that indicates that the battery's dead and it will not accept a charge. What that means is the battery needs to be replaced. If it's a solid red light, leave the charger on and see if it takes a charge. The light should turn Amber and in green, when fully charged charges should be engaged all the time at night were not in use. And the chair will not overcharge the chargers designed to trickle and then shut off when fully charged to maintain that charge. If for some reason, the chair is fails and you're in the field or out of the house and need to put it in neutral. You need to come to the motors. And there's a little pictorial here that shows locked and unlocked. You move this knob to the middle and that puts it on lock. That's the right motor. You do the same for the left motor, and that puts it in neutral. And what that allows you to do is to Free-Wheel and move it. So it could be pushed back to the house and then call your service technician to come look and see what the issue is once that's done and you put it back in drive, You put it back in drive. You always must power off and power up again so that the computer sees the motors. If you do not do that, you're going to get an error code.


If you have any issues, please reach out to medical equipment specialists or a field service technician to help assist.  Click Here


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