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Comfort and support are essential when it comes to hospital beds and mattresses. Prevention Therapeutic  Mattresses, Low Air Loss Mattresses, and Lateral Rotation Mattresses provide much-needed relief and help to keep skin healthy and free from bed sores and  treat current bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers and decubitus. 

Unfortunately, if not treated quickly, these bed sores can lead to serious complications, such as infection. That’s why medical hospital beds and medical-grade mattresses are so important - to prevent serious illness and help keep our loved ones safe. 

Rental Terms and Conditions. 

Monthly Rentals.  No refunds or pro-rated funds for early returns.  A valid credit card is kept on file and will be billed on a recurring basis, every 30 days.    Rentals include setup, limited delivery and education and ongoing maintenance during the rental term.  **Rentals may be subject to a Delivery Fee Depending on the delivery area and time of delivery**

Can I convert a rental to a purchase?

Yes, if the hospital bed mattress is purchased in the first 30 days. Speak with our customer support team for more details.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are different types of Hospital Bed Mattresses?

1. Therapeutic Hospital Bed Mattress
2. Gel Overlay or Air Pad
3. Low Air loss Mattress, alternating pressure and lateral rotation air mattresses

What is a therapeutic mattress on a hospital bed?

A therapeutic mattress on a hospital bed is a type of mattress designed to provide comfort and support to patients in a hospital setting. It is typically made of soft foam and is designed to reduce pressure on the body and provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

What is an alternating pressure mattress?

An alternating pressure mattress is used for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, or bedsores. It works by inflating and deflating air cells in a mattress or bed to relieve pressure on certain areas of the body. This can help reduce the risk of skin breakdown, increase circulation, and improve comfort and sleep quality.

What is an air loss mattress?

An low air loss mattress is used to help provide support and pressure relief for patients with conditions such as pressure ulcers, skin breakdown, and other conditions that require reduced pressure and improved circulation. This type of mattress helps to keep the skin dry and cool, reducing shear and friction, and providing the user with comfort and support.

How does an air mattress help a patient with bed sores?

Air mattresses are really helpful for people who have bed sores, which are painful spots that can happen when someone stays in bed for a long time. These special mattresses have air inside them that moves around. This helps spread the person's weight evenly and keeps their skin from getting too much pressure in one spot. It's like giving the skin a gentle massage, which helps bring blood to the sore spots and helps them heal. People can also change how firm or soft the mattress is, so it's just right for them. This is great for people who have to stay in bed a lot, because it makes them more comfortable and helps prevent new bed sores from forming.

Best turning beds for quadriplegics?

Turning bed mattresses aka lateral rotation mattresses are designed specifically for individuals who are quadriplegic to help them stay comfortable and reduce the risk of pressure sores. They feature a motorized system that can be used to rotate the bed at regular intervals. This helps reduce the risk of pressure sores and other skin problems associated with long-term immobility.

Best mattress for patient that has a stroke with paralysis?

The best type of mattress for a stroke patient is one that is designed for pressure relief and comfort. Therapeutic foam is a popular choice for stroke patients, as it contours to the body and can help reduce pressure points that can cause discomfort. Pressure-relieving mattresses, such as air-filled mattresses can also be beneficial. Additionally, adjustable beds can help stroke patients find a comfortable sleeping position, as they can be adjusted to different angles and heights.

Best mattress for cerebral palsy?

The best mattress for someone with cerebral palsy should provide pressure relief, support, and a comfortable sleeping temperature. Memory foam mattresses are often recommended as they provide good pressure relief and support while also helping to regulate body temperature. A latex mattress can also provide good pressure relief and support while being more temperature neutral than memory foam. Hybrid mattresses with a combination of memory foam, latex, and coils can also be a good option, as they provide good pressure relief and support while also allowing for better air circulation. Additionally, adjustable air mattresses can be adjusted to provide customized support and pressure relief.

Best mattress for disabled person?

Finding the best mattress for a disabled person depends on the individual's specific needs. For example, a person who experiences frequent joint pain or stiffness may benefit from a mattress with extra cushioning and support. Conversely, someone with mobility issues may need a mattress that is adjustable to provide the right level of support.

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