Patient Lift

Medical Equipment Specialist is a patient lift provider.

Patient Lift Rental

 A patient lift is used by a caregiver to transfer a bed-bound patient from wheelchair to bed or bed to wheelchair.  A Patient Lift Slings comes with full body or with commode openings.



  • Manual Patient Lift
  • Electric Patient Lift
  • Bariatric Patient Lift
  • Hospital Bed Rentals
  • Airloss and Alternating Pressure Mattress
  • Custom Wheelchair with Seating and Positioning.

For Rates and Options, please call us at (772) 777-8109 or (561) 697-3999  


Rental Terms and Conditions.

Monthly Rentals.  No refunds or pro-rated funds for early returns.  A valid credit card is kept on file and will be billed on a recurring basis, every 30 days.    Rentals include setup, delivery and education and ongoing maintenance during the rental term.


Medicare Beneficiaries:  Please contact us to determine eligibility and to determine coverage criteria.