Custom Manual Wheelchairs Near Me

At Medical Equipment Specialists, we're here to support your needs with a friendly touch.

We offer sales, servicing, and repairs for a wide range of Custom manual wheelchairs, including well-known brands like Ti-Lite, Sunrise Quickie, Invacare, and Ki Mobility.

We understand how crucial your wheelchair is to your daily life, and we're committed to ensuring it's always in top condition for you.


The custom wheelchairs employing Ultra Lightweight technology are designed to be optimally configured to your body, enhancing comfort and efficiency in your daily activities.

Strong Materials
Frames are made in several different ultra lightweight materials, including aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

Folding or Rigid 
​A folding chair is heavier and has more moving parts to allow the chair to fold. A rigid chair has less moving parts and is lighter.

Individually Configured
From frame and seating to wheels and color, your chair can be completely customized to your body, needs and style.


Seating and Positioning:

Seating systems consist of various wheelchair components that provide support in a seated position. These custom-fitted elements include the cushion, back support, and postural supports.


Why is a well-designed seating system crucial?

A proper seating arrangement offers stability and assists in comfortably participating in daily activities. Tailored seats and back supports cater to specific physical conditions, such as spasticity or low tone, and also aid in preventing pressure injuries.

Who would benefit from this technology?

If you frequently use a wheelchair, lead an active lifestyle, require a long-term wheelchair solution, and primarily move yourself, then Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs are an ideal choice.

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