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CPAP Rental and Sales


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, let's address each of your questions about CPAP rentals:

1. **What is a CPAP rental?**
A CPAP rental refers to the process of leasing a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, which is primarily used to treat sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing disorders, for a specific period instead of purchasing one outright.

2. **How does a CPAP rental work?**
Typically, a person or entity that requires a CPAP machine for a short term or wishes to try one before making a full purchase will approach a medical equipment supplier. After choosing the desired CPAP machine, they will enter into a rental agreement, which specifies the duration of the lease, monthly fees, maintenance responsibilities, and any other terms.

3. **Where can I find a CPAP rental near me?**
The best way to locate a nearby CPAP rental is to:
- Consult with your healthcare provider or sleep specialist; they often have preferred vendors.
- Do an online search for “CPAP rental near me” or “medical equipment rental near me.”
- Check with local pharmacies or medical supply stores, as many of them offer CPAP rentals.

5. **Can I rent a CPAP machine without a prescription?**
In most countries, including the U.S., a prescription is required to rent a CPAP machine. This is because CPAP therapy should be overseen by a medical professional to ensure it's appropriate and safe for the user.

6. **What is the process of renting a CPAP machine?**
Generally, the process includes:

- Getting a prescription from a healthcare provider or sleep specialist.
- Choosing a medical equipment provider that offers CPAP rentals.
- Discussing and selecting the appropriate CPAP machine.
- Signing a rental agreement detailing terms and conditions.
- Receiving training on the proper use and maintenance of the machine.
- Regularly cleaning and maintaining the machine, and returning it at the end of the rental period.

7. **Are there any benefits of renting a CPAP machine over buying one?**
Yes, several benefits include:
**Flexibility**: Renting allows users to try different machines to find the best fit.
- **Lower Initial Cost**: Purchasing can be costly upfront, while renting spreads the expense over time.
- **Short-Term Need**: If you only need the machine temporarily, renting can be more economical.
- **Maintenance and Repairs**: Rental agreements often cover maintenance and repair, relieving the user from these responsibilities.

8. **What type of CPAP machines are available for rental?**
Most medical equipment providers will offer a range of CPAP machines for rental, including:
- **Standard CPAP**: Delivers continuous air at a set pressure.
- **Auto-CPAP (APAP)**: Adjusts the air pressure based on the user's needs.
- **BiPAP (Bilevel)**: Provides two pressure settings, one for inhalation and a lower one for exhalation.
- **Travel CPAP**: Compact machines designed for users on the go.

Always remember to consult with a sleep specialist or medical professional when considering CPAP therapy to ensure the best and safest treatment for your specific needs.

Rental Terms and Conditions.

Monthly Rentals.  No refunds or pro-rated funds for early returns.  A valid credit card is kept on file and will be billed on a recurring basis, every 30 days.    Rentals include setup, delivery and education and ongoing maintenance during the rental term. **Rentals may be subject to a Delivery Fee Depending on the delivery area and time of delivery. **

Medicare Beneficiaries:  Please contact us to determine eligibility and to determine coverage criteria.


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