Portable, Lightweight Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair- The Liberty FT by Ki Mobility

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The Liberty equals Independence

Medical Equipment Specialists, is proud to provide the new Portable, Lightweight, Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair by KI-Mobility.   The Liberty offers true portability, enables independent lower and upper extremity propulsion while providing the added benefits of tilt-in-space.


Many full-time manual wheelchairs users, that propel with their foot, or need repositioning and pressure relief will benefit greatly. 

The significance of a Tilt-In Space Manual Wheelchair for individuals following A CVA is detailed in this white paper. 

Download the PDF- "The Significance of Tilt-In-Space Manual Wheelchair for Individuals Following a CVA". 

Download the PDF- "Liberty FT- Brochure"

Call us at (772) 777-8109 for more details, including qualification and Medicare coverage.



LIberty FT Propulsion

The Liberty FX is designed for independent mobility, specifically for foot propulsion, The Seat Height is maintained regardless of the Tilt Angle.  An appropriate tilt angle will support and stabilize the pelvis for optimal mobility.


Liberty FT Repositioning

Full-Time Wheelchair users need relief from sitting in a static position.  The Liberty FT Tilt-in-Space wheelchair offer pressure relief, proper posture, and comfort.  An easy to adjust gas spring design allows for effortless repositioning


Libety FT portablility

Finally, a Tilt-In-Space manual wheelchair that can fold up, and transported in the trunk of a car.  The transport weight is under 28lbs, and the Liberty FT can even be ordered with a Folding backrest for an even smaller package.


Liberty FT Specifications

The Liberty FT Tilt-in Space- can be customized, and fitted for all patients.  The chair does have a maximum weight of 250lbs.


Medicare does coverage this chair, for patients that meet the clinical and local coverage determinations.  Medical Equipment Specialists, ATP's will work with qualifying Patients, and their Physicians, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists, to determine clinical need and coverages.

Contact our office at (772) 777-8109



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