Portable Oxygen Concentrator- Live an Active Lifestyle on Oxygen.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

A great choice for oxygen patients that want to live an active lifestyle.

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How a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Works

• Purifies and filters air through the atmosphere
• Removes nitrogen to produce air that is oxygen-rich
• Delivers purified, medical oxygen via nasal cannula
• Operates with rechargeable batteries, using AC or DC power sources.


Other Clear Advantages

• No oxygen Refills or heavy oxygen tank deliveries.
• Designed for stationary, portable, or travel usage.
• Easy to travel with, carry with bag, place in a basket.
• Easy "In Home" maintenance.


There are different types of oxygen therapy methods. 

Compare Oxygen Methods

Oxygen Delivery System Oxygo

 Oxygen Methods Continued

Portable Oxygen Tanks

Tanks are for mobility, but not for most travel.   Oxygen tanks can be heavy and run out fast.  You have to wait for deliveries and may get stuck in the house.  Oxygen regulators, that control the oxygen flow, are hard to use, and can be scary.  If you lack hand dexterity, then this method would be challenging.  You would need help when changing tanks.

Liquid Oxygen

These are not as common, due to high costs and low reimbursements.  Liquid oxygen units are heavy and require refills.   Portable Liquid units can freeze up and not work when you need it.  Travel by air is impossible.

Home Oxygen Transfill Systems

Stationary concentrators  are used to fill small oxygen tanks.  This will take several hours and can be hard to do. The only advantage is that you eliminate deliveries. You receive 2 oxygen tanks you fill yourself.  Travel is very limited.

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Will Improve Your Quality of Life

A POC, if right for you, it can meet all of your travel and lifestyle needs.   Patients using portable oxygen concentrators are more active.  They feel confident visiting friends and family.   They often travel by car, airplanes, trains and cruises.

A POC use powerful, lightweight batteries, that are rechargeable.   Patients often have 2 or more batteries, so they can spend several hours on the go.  If your batteries are running low, you can plug into both, AC and DC power sources.  Batteries can be easily charged and changed out.  

Owning a POC is very convenient.  You don't have to wait for Oxygen Deliveries and miss appointments.   You don't have to worry about running out of oxygen, while on the go.   

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator will give you the confidence to do more.

 oxygofit portable oxygen concentrator

Learn More About the OxgoFit

Pricing and Options

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Author:  Michael Russo, BS, RRT, ATP.

Respiratory Therapist.


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