Wheelchair Rollator

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    Versatile hybrid rollator wheelchair allows individuals to walk, ride and rest safely on any terrain, including grass, gravel, carpeting and more


    Folding frame easily fits in the trunk of a car and in compact storage areas


    Features removable footrests and adjustable handles for a comfortable fit


    Safely maneuver inclines with the ergonomic bicycle-style hand brakes and securely lock the wheels in place when seated for added stability


    Constructed with a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, the combination rollator transport chair safely supports up to 300 pounds


    Detachable shoulder bag safely stores a purse or wallets, electronic devices, medications and more

Does it come pre-assembled?

The hybrid rollator wheelchair requires some tool-free assembly.

Do you have to remove the footrests to fold it?

Although the footrests are removable, it is not necessary to remove them before folding the rollator hybrid.

Will this be good for someone with knee pain?

Yes, the hybrid rollator provides support for those with limited mobility, relieving pressure on the knees and allows individuals to comfortably rest as needed.

Can it be easily folded to take in a car?

Yes, to fold the wheelchair rollator, simply pull upward on the center strap.

Is it height adjustable?

Yes! The handle height can be adjusted in one-inch increments from 33.25” to 38.25”.

How to Adjust the Brakes on the Rollator?



What is the weight limit for the rollator transport chair?

The combination rollator transport chair safely supports up to 300 pounds.

How wide is the wheelchair rollator?

The wheelchair rollator is 24” wide.

Will the hand brakes be easy to use for someone with arthritis?

Yes, the hand brakes are designed for easy use.

How much does it weigh?

The rollator wheelchair weighs 21 pounds.

Can I lock the wheels when resting on the seat?

Yes, the front wheels lock in place for extra stability when seated.


  • Mobility aid


  • Base when open: 24” by 40”
  • Adjustable Height: 33.25” to 38.25”
  • Wheels: 8”
  • Folded: 8.25” by 40”
  • Seat dimensions: 18” x 12” x 21.75”

How To Assemble:


  • Open the wheelchair rollator frame until the seat is locked into position.
  • Insert the height adjustable handles into the frame, ensuring each snap button is visible.
  • Insert the two rear wheels into the frame, ensuring each snap button is securely locked in the desired position.
  • Insert front wheels into the frame, ensuring the holes on each piece are aligned.
  • Insert a screw into each hole and attach with a washer and a star bolt, so that the star bolt is oriented on the outside of the Wheelchair/Rollator.
  • Attach the footrests.
  • Attach storage bag to the frame with the fastener loops.

How To Lock The Footrest In Place:

  • Fold the footrest down.
  • Gently pull the footrest around to the front.
  • Push the footrest bar into the locking clip securely.


  • Walker is equipped with a dual wheel braking system
  • To adjust the brakes, turn cable adjuster located on the handbrake

Adjusting Handle Height:

  • Handle height can be adjusted in 1” increments with the push pins located on the sides of the rollator.

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down with a damp cloth and disinfectant solution as necessary.
  • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth.

What's Included:

  • Hybrid Wheelchair Rollator
  • Detachable Storage Bag

Guarantee Policy:

  • frame - 1 year
  • brakes / handles - 90 days
  • wheels - none / on arrival 30 days
  • screws / bolts / nuts - none / on arrival 30 days
  • cushions / seats - none / on arrival 30 days
  • paint / panels - none / on arrival 30 days

UPC: 818323022285 (Red)

Product Number: MOB1018RED

Shipping Weight: 21 pounds

User Manual: Wheelchair Rollator

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