Advanced Pressure-Relieving Air Mattress for Pressure Sores - 36" 42" 48" widths

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Medicare Beneficiaries:  Please contact us to determine eligibility and to determine coverage criteria

The mattress features five distinct modes of therapy and provides unparalleled support and protection. Max Firm creates a firm static surface for tasks like nursing, while Alternating Mode has four cycle times (10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes) to provide pressure redistribution. Continuous Low Pressure (CLP) creates body immersion and envelopment for the ultimate in comfort, and Seat Inflation with Alternating/CLP provides added protection for the sacrum area when sitting.

This intuitive digital pump offers simple, quiet, and extreme comfort. Its nylon/PU cover provides a high level of comfort and is vapor permeable, water resistant, and has basic flame retardant capabilities. Setup and daily use are made easy with this pump.

Get the comfort and care that you deserve.  This item is in stock and available for free shipping and Local Delivery. 

Weight Capacity

440 lbs for 36" Width

705 lbs for 42" Width

950 lbs for 48" Width

Product Specification - Dimensions

36" Model 42" Model 48" Model
Dimensions 79"L x 35.4"W x 8"D 79"L x 42"W x 8"D 79"L x 48"W x 8"D
Weight Capacity (Static Mode) 441 lbs 705.5 lbs 992 lbs
Weight Capacity (Therapy Mode) 397 lbs 661 lbs 926 lbs
Product Weight 16.5 lbs 18.7 lbs 20.9 lbs
Cover Material Silver+ 2-Dimensional Stretch Silver+ 2-Dimensional Stretch Silver+ 2-Dimensional Stretch
Cell Material Nylon/TPU Nylon/TPU Nylon/TPU

Limited Warranty

2 Years on Pump

2 Years on Mattress

1 Years on Cover

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