Home Hospital Bed - Adjustable & Versatile

Hospital beds designed for home use offer numerous benefits for elderly individuals. These beds are equipped with adjustable features, allowing caregivers and family members to easily change the bed's height and position. This adjustability can significantly improve comfort, aid in mobility, and reduce the risk of pressure sores by allowing for frequent repositioning. Additionally, the beds often include side rails for added safety, preventing falls and providing support for getting in and out of bed. With their robust design, these beds can accommodate various medical needs and equipment, making them an ideal choice for elderly individuals requiring specialized care at home.


We are not just a sales team. Medical Equipment Specialists is owned and operated by Assistive Technology Professionals (mobility experts) and Respiratory Therapists. Our staff is trained in a wide range of Home Medical Equipment Solutions.  

For more than 10 Years., Medical Equipment Specialists has been trusted by Physicians, and Healthcare Professionals to provide medically, prescribed durable medical equipment to their patients, family and friends.


We offer both In-Store and Local Delivery from North Palm Beach to Port St. Lucie, Florida.  

Medical Equipment Specialists has highly trained patient care technicians that can deliver medical equipment in the home and to a facility.

Our trucks service the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast from Mon-Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Weekend/Holiday/After-hours -- Additional Service Charge Apply**


Medical Equipment Specialists does offer competitive pricing, but we are unmatched in expertise, medical equipment availability, and ongoing customer support and service.

Unlike online marketplaces, and out of state internet providers, we are able to service what we sell or rent.

Our clients are always welcomed to visit our location for in-person consultation.

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