SnapNGo Lighweight, Folding Scooter- The Perfect Travel Scooter

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Difficulty walking can happen to anyone and for a variety of reasons ranging from injuries to arthritis to problems with the back, feet, heart or lungs. For example, you might have adequate strength or movement or mobility for short distances, but you aren't able to handle the long walk from the parking lot to the stadium or theater. 

The GLI on snap and go was made for you with the framing. Less than 28 pounds. The snap and go can be easily lifted in or out of the trunk or backseat of your car.

It can be easily set up and ready to go in seconds. Just step on the foot pedal, raise the t bar to snap it open, attach to the seat and go the snap and goes capable of carrying up to 300 pounds and it's advanced three six bolts, 6.6 and power lithium ion battery pack can last three to five years with a range of around 12 miles on a single charge.

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Snapping. Go can roll behind you like a suitcase and store out of the way in a compact upright position.

The snap and go is light and easy. Snap open frame, lock in the seat and off you go.

 Although dramatically more powerful and lighter than a lead acid battery powered mobility scooter and much less expensive than a lithium ion electric mobility solutions. The snap and go is solidly built with advanced features like an aircraft grade aluminum frame and honeycomb, never flat tires.

The lithium ion battery pack completely your charges and under three hours and drives a powerful electric hub motor so there are no gears or chains to worry about or maintain highly maneuverable and easy to drive.

You simply press the right thumb control to go forward and the left thumb control or reverse and pull the handbrake to stop when darkness falls.

Front and rear led lights light the way the ground snap and go comes with a standard bicycle seat that is light and compact but it can be upgraded to a more comfortable seat with a back and arms


This seat swivels and can adjust forward and back for your comfort and ease. An extra battery pack to extend the range is also available with snap and go. You don't need a trailer tailgate lift or a van with a ramp.

It's compact and lightweight enough to store it in the trunk or backseat of your car ready to go when you need it to make your snap and go fit your needs. Perfectly. Order the deluxe seat and extra battery pack if walking is a problem that's keeping you from enjoying life in Gli on snap and go, is your solution fully FAA compliant You can bring snap and go along on the airplane or a cruise ship to easily keep up with friends and get back to the mobility you may have lost.

Don't let trouble walking. Keep you from enjoying life the Gli on snap and go as a lightweight, elegant solution to regain the lost mobility.

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